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Renovations & Remodeling


Structural Re-Roofs & Roof Over's


Many people ask us "can you fix my metal roof"? Whether you need to replace an old metal roof or you are tired of dealing with your conventional roof, we can provide you with a virtually maintenance-free, energy-efficient, economical structural roof system.

Metal roofs on a metal framed building are a "Structural Roof System", meaning the panel is the primary wind resisting surface. Structural repairs are to be made by a "Building Contractor" or "General Contractor" as per the Florida Building Code. The gauge and configuration of the panel and fasteners are critically important in maintaining the structural integrity of the building. Improper repairs could compromise the building envelope in a high wind incident. Our typical business activities include some of the following:

  • Assess Remaining Life Cycle of Roof
  • Provide Repair Options
  • Permitting
  • Working Plans (as needed)
  • Acquisition of Parts (attempting to match if out-of-production).
  • Minimize Business Interruption.
  • Roof Deck Replacement
  • Roof Hugger Overlay Systems
  • Conventional Roofing Metal Roof-over Systems
  • Structural Roof-over Framing Systems
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades


Renovations & Remodeling

Maintenance & Repairs

Structural Re-Roofs



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